The idea of EAA was founded by a shared dream: to nurture a passion, making it accessible to others ensuring maximum effort and efficiency.
The constant desire to improve, with the goal of providing high quality services, it’s our prerogative.


In line with aviation world demands, European Aviation Academy focuses its operations to provide high quality, using cutting edge flight simulators, new and professional facilities and accurate organization of the courses where theoretical learning is optimized by methodological approaches designed to ensure each person a result of training excellence.
In fact, all our courses are arranged for few participants to assure each student gets the attention deserved.


This is made possible by the very high level of preparation of our instructors who have decades of experience in commercial aviation worldwide and Air Force, as well as thousands of hours of line flying operations.
A background of personal values shared by our team added to this heritage of professionalism and competence makes our Vision focus on the growth of both these aspects.


The goal we have set is, therefore, to train professional pilots, but even before people with high professional and human value.